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We have designed this web site to be easy to navigate and understand. On this page you will find the answers to all the popular questions we have been asked but don't hesitate to contact us

How do I order? Can you give medical advice?
Where do you ship your meds from? How do I pay for my products?
Who are you and are you reputable? Is there a minimum order value?
What currency are the prices in? Can I telephone you?
Do you guarantee your products? Do you publish Terms & Conditions?
Are your medicines safe and of proper quality? Do you accept insurance payments?
Why can't USA pharmacies sell these drugs? Is it Legal?
How much is the shipping charge? Is the service Confidential?
How long do orders take to arrive? How do I know that ordering is safe?
I ordered several items and only part arrived? How can I get information on a drug?
What happens if none of my order arrives? I cannot find the product I wish to order?
Do you supply tracking information order? Do you run an affiliate scheme?
Do you offer any express shipping services? My question has not been answered?
Are there any Countries that you don't ship to? Billing Information
How can I cancel my order? Do you have any testimonials?

Why are we here?


The Pharmacy Network online pharmacy website exists to provide our customers with a reliable, efficient, cost effective and safe means of purchasing your prescription medications and drugs.

Today, nearly 46 million Americans under the age of 65 lack health insurance, and millions more with insurance lack prescription drug coverage. Young adults from 19 to 34 years old are the fastest growing group of uninsured, accounting for 40 percent of the total. Millions of uninsured and under insured Americans struggle to afford the medicines they need, even forgoing medically necessary drugs when prices are out of reach.

".. until the U.S. can extend health coverage to everyone and limit drug prices to reasonable levels, many Americans will have no choice but to seek the best possible deal for their meds, and this will often require them to look beyond our borders, via the Internet to Canadian Pharmacy RX Prescription Drugs Online .." Los Angeles Times

How do I order?

Ordering at Pharmacy Network is simple. Find the product you wish to order from our index and click on the Add to cart icon. Simply fill in the information on the checkout forms as they appear.. Goods will be dispatched promptly, as soon as we have received payment. All orders and payments are completed via a secure server, protected by 128bit encryption, to ensure that your details are kept private and to guarantee your peace of mind. We can deliver to any address, including PO Boxes. However all deliveries will require a signature. Any items that are out of stock will be notified to you by email.

Please note that the minimum order value is $25.


NON APPROVED SHIPPING COUNTRIES:- We DO NOT ship to Africa (except South Africa) or to some European, Scandinavian and Baltic States,certain Middle East, Asian and South American countries. If in doubt or you wish to discuss bulk exports to any country please contact us.

Where do you ship your meds from?

We ship our medicines from India and Singapore and only source our products from reputable manufacturers and wholesalers around the world who are checked and vetted very carefully on a regular basis by both regulatory bodies and ourselves. All our products are manufactured by major pharmaceutical companies and are shipped in their original packaging. They are the comparable bioequivalent medicines that you will get from your local pharmacy. Delivery is by registered airmail and will reach you in 14 - 28 business days. (In practice you will receive your order in about 10 days). All deliveries will require a signature. 

Who are you and are you reputable?

Absolutely ... Pharmacy Network is owned and administered by PNI Pharma Group, a leading European Pharmaceutical Organization. Pharmacy Network have been providing a reliable internet pharmacy service for more than 10 years and have thousand's of satisfied regular customers. We are a fully licensed pharmacy and we guarantee delivery of all our products!


You may ask us for any medication and if we can supply it we will put it on the site for you.. however the following classes of drugs are illegal for sale over the internet so please do not ask for them:-

Schedule II - Amphetamine, codeine, fentanyl, Hydromorphone, meperidine, methadone, Methylphenidate (Ritalin), morphine, oxycodone, pentobarbital, phencyclidine (PCP), secobarbital

Schedule III - Anabolic steroids, phendimetrazine, and products that contain small quantities of certain schedule II controlled substances, such as codeine, in combination with noncontrolled ingredients, such as aspirin.

Schedule IV - Alprazolam (Xanax), chlordiazepoxide (Librium), diazepam (Valium), lorazepam (Ativan), phenobarbital, phentermine.

Schedule V - Buprenorphine and many cough preparations that contain a limited amount of codeine

For more information please see the about us page. For contact and address information see contact page.

What currency are the prices on the web site in?

All prices on the web site are displayed in US dollars.

Do you guarantee your products?

At Pharmacy Network we support our products and services with a 100% guarantee. All our products are sourced only from reputable international pharmaceutical companies and suppliers. If your purchase is faulty in any way we'll be pleased to replace it. Pharmacy Network is not responsible for orders lost due to unreliable postal services, incorrect address details or customs seizures. However we will always re-ship or replace damaged items FOC.

Are your medicines safe and of proper quality?

Absolutely Yes. We supply both original branded and generic medicines. We NEVER sell sub standard, out of date, counterfeit, misbranded or diluted meds. A generic medicine contains the comparable bioequivalent ingredient as a branded prescription medicine that is no longer protected by patent, and; all manufacturers we use are well known pharmaceutical names including Cipla, Ranbaxy, Dr.Reddys, Astra Zeneca, Ajanta, Intas, Merck, Bayer, Roche, Hoechst, Smith Kline, Sun Pharma etc.. Any number of such copies can be placed on the market, all with formulations comparable, but not necessarily identical, to the original product. However, they must be licensed by the original manufacturer if a patent is in place and go through the same stringent safety and quality requirements demanded of the original product.

Why can't USA online pharmacies supply these type of medications?

They can at much higher prices. This has to do with export, licensing and supply restrictions which are imposed on American domiciled pharmacies by the FDA. Please read the about us page.

How much is the shipping charge?

There is a set shipping charge for each order (not for each med) of $25.00 (or with free shipping if the order is over $250). This cost if applicable is added automatically in the shopping cart and will be included in the order total. You can order multiple medications for the same shipping charge. It therefore makes economic sense to plan your ordering in advance, allow for shipping times and maximize your orders to lower or eradicate the shipping charge pro rata for each med.

How long do orders take to arrive?

Orders take between 14 and 28 (business) days to arrive from the date that your order is shipped; usually within 24 hours of placing your order. We dispatch our orders daily on a first in first out system. We use registered International Airmail for all of our orders (unless you selected the EMS Express service) with the final delivery time dependent on the reliability of your postal service. Orders generally arrive within 10-14 business days, but a small percentage of orders can take longer, due to unforeseen delays in postal services or extended customs clearance times. In the event of a non delivery after 30 business days we will re-ship free of charge. All deliveries will require a signature. See our terms and conditions

I ordered several items and only part of the order arrived - what happens?

This can happen because if you ordered more than one medication or a larger quantity of one medication we will not place the entire order in one single package for security reasons. If only part of your order has arrived then please give it some days to allow for the remainder of your order to arrive.

What happens if none of my order arrives?

We do everything humanly possible to ensure that orders are received by our customers. If none of your order has arrived within 30 business (working) days from the date of order we will investigate the matter thoroughly and promptly. This investigation usually takes about 24 hours. If it appears that the order has been lost due to a postal loss or customs detention then we will re-ship the order again to you free of any charge. Only a very small percentage of orders are lost. However if the original order subsequently arrives as well as the re-shipped order then we rely on your honesty to inform us. We always try to resolve any problems in a fair and reasonable manner and to the best of our ability. If there is a problem we will always sort it out with you and find a solution. That is why we have a structured reship and refund procedure.

Do you supply tracking information for my Order?

We operate a system whereby each order is assigned a unique order code and shipping number. The shipping number is the proof of actual dispatch and is issued to us by the Shipper with the actual date the package was shipped. We do NOT automatically give this information to every customer unless we are specifically asked for it. Only EMS items can be tracked online. Please do not ask us for shipping information until at least 5 days after the actual order was placed if you selected registered mail as the shipping option

Do you offer any express shipping services?

Yes we do. We offer you the option of EMS trackable express and you can select this on the checkout page.

Are there any Countries that you don't ship to?

We ship to most Countries. For a list of the few that we don't. click here

How can I cancel my order?

We will not accept requests for cancellations once the order has been processed.. Sorry

Is it Legal?

Contrary to some people's understanding it is NOT illegal for an individual to order medications from an internet pharmacy. In the USA the FDA recognizes there are circumstances under which a United States citizen may wish to seek treatment with an unapproved drug that is not domestically available, or a foreign citizen travelling to the United States may wish to continue treatment with a foreign drug that is not domestically available. The PIP (Personal Importation Policy) was developed to address such circumstances and gives FDA clear instructions on exercising its enforcement discretion to permit the personal importation of drugs that may be otherwise considered illegal in the United States.

See: FDA Personal Importation Policy

Quoting from the FDA's own guidance and compliance regulations above which are listed on the FDA's own website "The PIP is intended to apply to unapproved drugs that are: "not a serious health risk to patients, and; the PIP generally permits up to a 3-month supply of the unapproved drug, and; furthermore prescriptions are not required under the PIP."

You should consult your family physician and have a valid prescription before placing your order.

We are a European managed pharmacy employing fully qualified and licensed pharmacists and we are able to legally export medications to most Countries.

Whilst we always recommend that you should always consult your doctor before taking any medication the fact is that our customers almost invariably know what they want. The content of the Pharmacy Network web site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, rather it is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between you and your healthcare providers. If you have, or suspect you have a health problem you should see your doctor

How do I pay for my products?

We accept Cards, Bitcoin, Bank Wire or Money Transfer. Sorry but we cannot accept payment by PayPal. 

How to Pay using Bitcoin?

A short question and answer - You cannot checkout from this website using Bitcoin unless you have first created a Bitcoin wallet and then funded it.

Ok that seems logical so I want to use this site and pay by Bitcoin. Hang on why don't you take Paypal? - Sadly rules introduced by PayPal do not support the sale of prescription medications by international pharmacies via the internet. Its that simple. Bitcoin costs are negligible and its extremely safe to use!

OK I get it! .. so tell me where do I obtain this Bitcoin and what is it? - Bitcoin is a totally anonymous form of digital currency, created and held electronically. Its is traded just like any other currency. It is very fast, easy to use, extremely secure and is now used extensively by thousand's of merchants on the internet. You can buy Bitcoin using a credit card or money transfer anywhere on the web including on Ebay if you search Bitcoin. Try using the recommended links below. However if you have not used Bitcoin before you will first need to "Start a New Wallet" and then fund it.

How do I do that? - Creating a bitcoin wallet is FREE and takes literally a couple of minutes. For a quick start to get going sign up for a secure free online wallet at Blockchain. Later on when you are more at ease with Bitcoin we recommend you download and install Multibit which is PC client app. Either way you will then be able to send and receive payments immediately after you have funded it. Every wallet has a unique address so remember yours!

OK thats not so hard - but how do I fund my wallet and get Bitcoin to spend? - There are many ways to do that and you can buy Bitcoin anywhere on the web quite safely and quickly using credit and debit cards, bank transfer, online money transfer services and in fact all methods of payment. We recommend CoinBase CoinWallet SpicePay BitStamp and 247 Exchange for buying bitcoin. All give good rates of exchange. Just Google "Buy Bitcoin" if unsure or search on Ebay. All Bitcoin sellers and exchanges will ask you for your wallet address where they will transfer your coin to. Many will even give you a free wallet as part of your account package which can make things very easy but you should shop around for the best Bitcoin provider that offers a friendly interface and decent terms. You can also buy Bitcoin from 000's of stores across America so check out the LibertyX app. Be advised that most legitimate coin sellers will ask you to verify your ID as a one time requirement and thats because you are effectively opening a bank account for Bitcoin and the same rules apply as with any bank.

More sources - a list of Accredited Sellers or private sellers Local USA Coins and our favorite Bitcoin Recommedations.

You can even get a wallet and a Bitcoin Debit Card without verification in minutes from CryptoPay!

That sounds like a real hassle! - Actually it isn't half as bad as it sounds because opening your Bitcoin account with one of the Bitcoin exchanges is the time consuming part and thats a one time event only! After that buying and spending Bitcoin is as easy as well .. er Paypal? Actually its easier! One other point you should consider .. you are on this site to save money on your badly needed medications and we sell what you want at a fraction of the cost you will pay from your local Health provider. We are in many cases 80% or more cheaper than American pharmacies for the very same medication! Isn't setting up a Bitcoin account worth those savings you will make?

Right I have my wallet and it has Bitcoin in it - what next? - Congratulations and welcome to the world of digital currency. Now simply add what you want in the shopping cart and go to the checkout page and click the "Pay by Bitcoin" Button. Follow the next prompt and then copy and paste our wallet address (which will be displayed there) and the total transfer amount (also displayed) to your wallet "send form" and then wait for our instant confirmation - done in seconds! You will also get an email from us confirming your purchase.

Do I have to go through this malarkey every time I want to pay by Bitcoin? - NO! setting up a Bitcoin account with a seller is a one time only event. Once you have that account you can buy Bitcoin instantly and we would suggest if you buy medicine regularly that you keep a positive float balance in your Bitcoin wallet to save time.

I already have a funded Bitcoin wallet so what do I do? - that means you are familiar with Bitcoin so add what you want in the shopping cart and go to the checkout page and click the "Pay by Bitcoin" Button. Follow the next prompt and then copy and paste our wallet address (which will be displayed there) and the total transfer amount (also displayed) to your wallet "send form" and then wait for our instant confirmation - done in seconds! You will also get an email from us confirming your purchase..


To recap then:-

Step 1. Create your wallet (we suggest Blockchain).
Step 2. Fund your wallet (see the links on this page or search on Ebay or Google).
Step 3. After completing steps 1 and 2 Click the Pay by Bitcoin Button and follow the prompts.



Is there a minimum order value?

Yes.. It is currently $25.

Can I telephone you?

We are an internet pharmacy and all communication is undertaken by email. We do not provide a telephone ordering service. However we do provide a 24 Hour Order Track USA FREEPHONE Number +1 866 415 1428 +1 866 415 1428

How can I get information on a drug, its dose age or side effects?

Most of our medication pages include a link to further information regarding the specific medication. You can also click below and enter the drug name where prompted:-


Do you accept insurance payments?

Sorry we cannot accept any insurance payments.

Do you sell out of date medications?

Absolutely not. As an internet pharmacy we have a fast turnaround of medications and a very strict policy in this regard.

Can you give medical advice?

Sorry no - whilst we always try to be as helpful as possible and will advise on drug composition, order quantities, availability etc, medical advice is a matter for your doctor or your healthcare providers. You should never take prescription medications without such supervision.

Is the service Confidential?

Yes - absolutely. We disclose your details to nobody unless fraud has been committed.

All packages are unmarked as to their contents and securely plain wrapped to ensure 100% privacy. Below as you can see we take very great care in packing your order.

How do I know that ordering from you is safe?


Because our orders are processed using the latest secure servers and Pharmacy Network has built a solid reputation as an honest and highly reputable supplier. Furthermore our success rate without problems is 99.5%. Pharmacy Network are also recommended by and linked to by other leading internet pharmacies as a source of difficult to obtain medications where they themselves are unable to supply. There is no better recommendation; and that is why we work with some leading pharmacy names on the internet ensuring that their customers can find the medication they are looking for.

All orders are received via a secure server, protected by 128bit encryption, to ensure that your details are kept private and to guarantee your peace of mind. Our SSL pages are secured by Thwaite the internet's leading security certificate provider and carry an official identity certificate.

Do you publish Terms & Conditions of Use and what is your Privacy policy?

Yes. They are listed here. All orders are accepted subject to our terms and conditions. Also see our privacy page here.

I cannot find the product I wish to order?

We are based outside the US and products are often sold under a different name. They are the same brand name product, sold by the same company under a different name or equivalent brand name product made by another pharmaceutical company. The equivalent US product is often listed in brackets next to each product.If a product is not listed on our site contact us, and we will try to get it for you or you may try our recommended locum pharmacies below.

Do you run an affiliate scheme?

No not currently.. but if you are interested or wish to buy bulk shipments please contact us.

My question has not been answered?

If your question has not been answered contact us, and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Billing Information

The transaction will be carried over a secure link. All transactions are encoded for your security and IP addresses recorded. Our card processor will carry out an online authorization of your card and will debit your account if it is cleared. All fraudulent orders are thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken.

Warning:- Our systems can now identify stolen cards and track the user. If you attempt to use a stolen card it will be reported to the relevant authority in your country. All transaction IP addresses are recorded.